Want to know how to blend your brand and culture perfectly?

Creating blend in your brand and culture is made easier when as a creative entrepreneur you acknowledge there is an unequivocal and indestructible link between what you do, and how and where you talk about what you do. We’d like to ask you the following questions though;

  • How does this affect you as a creative entrepreneur?
  • Why is it something you need to consider and identify?

All our brands have characteristics, the creation of this starts with the unique qualities we breathe into it from its inception. Our personalities, personal beliefs, loves, passions, innate skills and interspersed style play a huge part in where our “business” comes from.


  • What about culture though?
  • Why does something so every day come into play when we create an offering to clients?
  • Do you realise how it does, and do you understand how to factor it in, gracefully in gentle and beguiling layers
  • Are you aware of how powerful it can be and why you must harness culture in your creative business?


    We as brands and people play a part in the lives of our customers, we talk to their beliefs, we influence them with what we offer, the problems we solve for them, alongside the values, loves and passions we communicate and demonstrate. We distinguish ourselves with colour, graphics, language, and carefully selected words. We work to assimilate ourselves into our ideal clients lives with promoted and carefully nurtured associations, alongside curated products and persuasive sales programs.

    Book on changes and a pair of glasses - blend your brand and culture - here is how!

    Your brand has a unique set of qualities you own, which make a meaningful difference in the lives of our perfect customer. Your brand is not about duplicating what your competition offers, because you feel their audience is where you want to sell your products.

    We assure you, you immediately lose your unique style and approach to innovation, thought leadership, purpose and business philosophy if you create your business and actions via mimikry? Why? Basically because you are impersonating someone else, not being you.

    Where is your acknowledgement of any kind of cultural values if this is how you started and how you act on a day to day basis in your business?

    Basically, the success of your company and the reputation of you as its owner is driven by the ability to attract, connect and solve. It is built on your awareness of the cultural space you reside in, and what you offer to that cultural space, alongside your ideal client.



    • Encompasses religion, food, what we wear, how we wear it, our language, marriage, music, what we believe is right or wrong, how we sit at the table, how we greet visitors, how we behave with loved ones, and a million other things
    • The word “culture” derives from a French term, which in turn derives from the Latin “colere,” which means to tend to the earth and grow, or cultivation and nurture. “It shares its etymology with a number of other words related to actively fostering growth
    • Culture has become key in our inter connected and disconnected world. It is made up of many ethnically diverse societies, but is also riddled by conflicts associated with religion, ethnicity, ethical beliefs, and, essentially, the elements which make up culture. Culture is no longer fixed in place, if it ever was. It is fluid and constantly in motion, making it difficult to define any culture in only one way. While change and cycles are always inevitable, the past is also respected and preserved.

    Source – Cristina De Rossi, an anthropologist at Barnet and Southgate College.

    We are picking out some key places where you would blend your brand and culture, to ensure by the end of this blog, you understand why the consideration of your overall cultural place must take place alongside any brand clarity and brand work you complete for your business.

    The first is meaningful work, the second is strong leadership as a business owner, the third is customer awareness and holistic engagement, the final one is cultural and customer mismatch and mapping. Read on to go through our thoughts, to understand how to blend your brand and culture.


    “I started my life with a single absolute: that the world was mine to shape in the image of my highest values and never to be given up to a lesser standard, no matter how long or hard the struggle.”


    Meaningful work

    We’d love all creatives and creative business owners to naturally feel they know, understand and have the power to control what they need to do every day so serve their sector, culture and clientele with a deeper purpose. We believe this ensures they make a positive difference with their company and brand to people’s lives.

    Seth Godin

    “The competitive advantages the marketplace demands is someone more human, connected, and mature. Someone with passion and energy, capable of seeing things as they are and negotiating multiple priorities as she makes useful decisions without angst. Flexible in the face of change, resilient in the face of confusion. All of these attributes are choices, not talents, and all of them are available to you.”


    Strong leadership

    Without it, clients will be lost, confused, and will not know if you are a “viable” option for their investment. Creative and confident entrepreneurs and brand leaders have enormous impact and power on a sector’s culture. They receive recognition for their diligence, research and purposeful marketing, as well as their clear approach to what it is they provide. A big clue is when you do this, you provide something with your work that every person loves to have, that is a human’s fundamental need to feel important. Demonstrating that you understand your clients is one of the single most powerful gifts you can provide both you and them. Having them feel connected, recognised and empowered, results in what? Your ability to sell to them, nurture them and delight them.

    Basically we believe creative entrepreneurs like you can not really talk and engage your ideal clients and customers, unless you have first analysed your ideal clients and customers.


    Customer awareness and holistic engagement

    We don’t believe success is simply about selling and marketing differently from other companies: more daring ads, more new products, and more assertive and dynamic use of social media marketing.

    • We believe it is about you powerfully demonstrating connection and authenticity
    • We know it is about how you conduct yourself in the sector and culture you work in
    • We hope it is about how you embrace it’s endless opportunities
    • We’d rather it isn’t about whether you cut corners and compromise your values
    • We’d love it to be about demonstrating boldly your commitment, and understanding of and to your ideal client.

    The biggest key is doing the analysis on both your and their culture – because this fundamentally has to match. To stand out to your customers, and stand away from the crowd in a hyper-competitive marketplace. You and your clients have to be a cohesive “power couple” working together in an iron-clad relationship.

    Being aware of all of this, creating all of this, living all of this in your business allows you to have what we call a holistic engagement force.

    You can take all that you know about you, and all that you know about them and combine it perfectly. Running rings around your competitors, swooping up your ideal clients in a hazy feeling of perfection, correlation and connection.

    • How do you possibly lose when you place your business in this position?
    • How can you possibly be invisible?
    • How can you not have interaction with your online marketing and online presence?

    You can’t. This success therefore translates into sales, which then translates into revenue and profit. This is also what we call a measurable and sensible business approach and plan. Can you afford not to be aware of how much this matters to your business, and how you must take the time to put it in place?


    cultural and customer mismatch and mapping

    How do you and your clients develop that sense of empathy? We believe you can’t be special, distinctive, and compelling in your marketplace unless you create something special, distinctive, and compelling – right?

    • How does your brand shape your culture?
    • How does your culture bring your brand to life?

    These two questions should have your brain whirring.

    We believe a strong, diverse culture contributes to strong, diverse and aware brands and vice versa. We also believe an extraordinary brand or brands support and advance diverse and extraordinary cultures.

    We hasten to add that culture can be;

    • Friendly or competitive
    • Nurturing or efficient
    • Traditional or dynamic
    • Fast paced or slow and considered
    • Artistic or pedestrian
    • Local or international
    • Liberal or narrow-minded

    What if you unite the culture you connect with, and your brand? What if these places are driven by the same purpose and values? How would it feel to weave them together into a single guiding force for your business?

    • Would it make guiding your business harder or would it mean you would win over the competitive battle for customers and sales?
    • Would it allow you to future-proof your business from failures and economic downturns?
    • Would it produce an organisation that operates with integrity and authenticity?

    We say YES to all of them. Blend your brand and culture

    When you think, process and operate in your unique way internally, you can produce the unique identity and image you desire externally.

    What would happen when you understand and embrace the distinct ways you create value for customers. Or the points that differentiate your brand from your competition. Or what is added by your unique personality and social/cultural compass. We believe without a shadow of doubt your business is made even more powerful.

    When you put all this in place, you cultivate a clear, strong, and distinctive brand-led culture surrounding you, protecting you, driving you forward.

    However, if your culture and brand are mismatched, you will produce the wrong results, you will lose connection and you won’t achieve what you deserve.

    Without using your brand purpose and values to orient your culture efforts, achievement is not the only throw away, as you are likely to not only lose money but also waste money.

    To address these gaps, align and integrate and blend your brand and culture and your culture, we’d suggest you answer the following questions;

    • Do you know how to identify and articulate your brand aspirations?
    • Do you want your brand to be known for delivering superior performance and dependability?
    • Do you want to challenge the “normal” way of “doing” in your sector?
    • Do you want to assume a position with your brand as a disruptor, an influencer or a guide?
    • Do you want your brand to make a positive social or environmental impact?
    • Do you know how to identify the values your organisation could embrace to build and compliment your mission?
    • Are you a brand working on, communicating and cultivating a culture of achievement, excellence, and consistency?
    • Do you know how to identify the sense of purpose, commitment, and shared values needed to connect with your ideal client?
    • Do you know what to do after you have clarity on the values necessary to support your desired brand type and ideal client?

    We’d love to know the answers to these questions, remember you can email us here or use the chat on our website to reach out anytime.


    Rounding up, and remember these points;

    • How you operate on the inside links directly to how you want to be perceived on the outside
    • Brands differ on hierarchy, levels, experience, desires and motivations. As a result of this, there is no single right culture for your business, it’s something you have to feel
    • You have to do the work to identify the cultural elements enabling you to achieve your desired brand identity, and then deliberately cultivate them. This takes effort patience and analysis
    • When your brand and culture are aligned and integrated, you increase practical efficiency, accuracy, and quality
    • You improve your ability to speak the language of customer loyalty with your unique assets, assets which can’t be mimicked
    • By doing this important work you will move your organisation closer to its vision
      Your brand and cultural place reflect each other in an complimentary way
    • The culture you connect to goes further than your brand to determine how your business is perceived by both customers and colleagues.

    Satisfied clients are the direct result of a strong culture and are the reason a business will succeed or not. Relating to your ideal customer as a business owner is you using your culture and brand in perfect harmony, creating brand connection and impetus.

    By relating to your customer as a culturally aware business owner you will ensure it’s easy to relate to your brand on a deeper level, leaving no reason for your clients to go elsewhere supporting your competition. What do you think now about the process and work associated with creating blend in your brand and culture?


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