What is continuous transformation?

What is continuous transformation?

What is continuous transformation?

“We need to realize that our path to transformation is through our mistakes. We’re meant to make mistakes, recognize them, and move on to become unlimited.” – Yehuda Berg

Have you ever known something to stand still and stay the same forever? Even rocks erode away throughout time. Nothing stays the same and therefore we should not stay the same – that is when you get left behind.

Continuous transformation is key to growth in any business. In any sector, locally, nationwide or internationally. In such a world we live in today, things move fast. From technology to the economy, politics to the environment, we are ever changing and ever evolving and to make sure we are consistently relevant we need to continually transform our business.


Nothing is predictable, as much as we try to design our business to last long term, things change and therefore our business model has to adapt with it.

Transforming your business throughout time should not be considered a negative. It allows ourselves the time to truly evaluate the success made so far and to analyse what is working and what may not be working quite so well.

So, what should you consider when looking to transform? Here are a few things to consider and a couple of questions to ask yourself about if you need to consider a transformation.

Thich nhat hanh

“Changing is not just changing the things outside of us. First of all we need the right view that transcends all notions including of being and non-being, creator and creature, mind and spirit. That kind of insight is crucial for transformation and healing.”


Your Brand

  • Are you still working alongside your brand vision?
  • Does your branding message need review?
  • Do you see your business heading in a different direction and perhaps need a different message?
  • Has your brand given you what you need?
Sir Richard Branson

“Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful.”


Your values

  • Are you sticking to your core business values?
  • Have your values changed or realigned?
  • Do you ensure your values meet your ideal client’s values and needs?

Your strategy

  • It is important to review and analyse your business, ask yourself what is working?
  • What part of your strategy has not been as successful, therefore what can you do?
  • Has your business strategy needed to change with the current climate?

Your goal and mission

  • Review your past goals, have they been met?
  • If so, how? If not, why?
  • In line with your goal, the brand and your values, has your mission changed?
  • Do you have a different need from your business?

Take these answers and truly ask yourself what you need to look at within your business and what part of your business needs to transform to keep up with your own vision and the ever-moving world around you.

The transformation you make after the realisation from above doesn’t have to be big and life changing – sometimes even the small things may make the biggest difference. The biggest transformation may be in yourself, perhaps just discovering how your business has already evolved around you.


Tasha and I take time each month to look at what we are doing in TCS, consistently looking at how we can transform the business, our offering, our knowledge, and strategy to suit the demand of our ideal clients.

Do you need some advice on transforming your business? Why not get in touch about taking a Power Hour with the 2 of us?

Do you need some advice on transforming your business?

Why not get in touch about taking an “Hour of Power” with the two of us?

If you only want an hour to flush out business ideas, struggles, or a portfolio or website review? An Hour of Power (FBOMB bucket session) might be the only thing standing between you and a major breakthrough!

Book an hour with either Tasha or Charlotte to generate ideas, come up with a new concept, craft the start of an epic brand story together or thrash out some high level client identification ideas.

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All you have to do is book an hour with us and we guarantee you will feel empowered and aligned. Ready to tackle the next steps towards business clarity, purpose and success.

Transforming your business throughout time should not be considered a negative, By Charlotte Brooker