Can we help you with a strategy to attract customers perfect for your business? Hi there – 

We are the Client Strategist, pleased to meet you!

We provide transformational, comprehensive and flexible support for modern creatives. We want you to own your individuality, client awareness and authentic abilities. Doing this allows you to live alongside your business. Our soul mission and purpose is to support and empower a new breed of profitable, strong, business minded creatives business owners – we do hope you are one of them?  

So Much to do. So Little Time. So much avoidance. So little progress. Sound familiar? Is this your current mindset and business state? If so, you need a strategic intervention, and that is where we come in!

We do what we do because time and again, we have seen creatives we respect (creatives exactly like you) inspirational, talented, and exceptional creatives drowning under the weight of “doing” creative work without a strategy to attract customers… Instead of thriving and excelling at something they were born to do, what they love to do and what they are exceptional at doing.

After nearly forty years…

combined in the wedding, event, technology and communication sectors, we decided;

  • it was time for creative entrepreneurs to have better support
  • that it was time for exciting disruption, and time for us to empower exceptional, ambitious change makers to step forward and learn how to create a strategy to attract ideal customers
  • above all we decided it was time to teach creatives how to be less reactive, affected and damaged, and how to be more ambitious, proactive and consistent
  • it is time to control the devastating and conditioned self limiting behaviours and procrastination habits
  • time for modern creative entrepreneurs to pivot into something a little more tenacious and revolutionary

Sound interesting?

Our work isn’t about us, what we have done, or what we can do.

  • It’s all about you, what you have done and what you have the potential to do
  • It is about you embracing your power and potential
  • It’s about work lives changed; about creatives finding perspective and focus
  • It’s about you giving yourself permission to thrive and be seen

How do strategic choices, shunning toxic habits and developing a robust and confident new relationship with your entrepreneurial self sound?

Business fulfilment comes from a place of complete awareness and commitment, as well as an unwavering belief that you are enough. Business success is created by your ability to see new ways to serve your ideal client

Success is created when you encourage new ways for people to see you and invest in you into your business, and when you create soulful connection to your sector and its diverse clientele. We understand you many not yet know how much potential you have.

Yet, we see you, and we want nothing more than to enable you to envision what you can achieve when you open your mind, and take an important leap to refocus your efforts. By becoming aware of you innate capacity, by planning and making strategic choices you will accomplish bigger, bolder and braver things.

  • We know you can disrupt the current state of the creative sectors surrounding us.
  • We know by embracing a state of  commitment, and entrepreneurial effort you can move mountains.

So ask us how we can collaborate, educate and mentor you. Ask us how we can move you…

from chaos to connection one step at a time…

Your mindset

“Fundamental mindset shifts like this take time. If it doesn’t make sense now, don’t worry about. If there’s one thing I encourage you to consider: pressure is imagined. You don’t control the outcome, so don’t even try. Instead, focus on what you can control: yourself, your attitude, and your actions.”

This will not resonate with everyone, but I bet the majority of you are excited by what we are saying right now. We have a couple of questions though?

  • When will you to move away from the usual language you use in your business.
  • When will you step away from the lack mentality and the limiting mindset?
  • When will you allow us to empower and coach you to show up, and challenge yourself?

The bottom line is, when you get to the future point we are talking about where new successful you is happy and settled in your business, making waves and building a culture around your product and ideal client.

  • You will be able to celebrate showing up, leaning in and counteracting resistance and reticence.
  • You will have realised what matters, and tamed your zapped, maxed out, and restless mind.
  • You will have balanced your self talk and signed up, booked up and invested in our products and services.


  • Because while reading this you have realised you deserve so much more.
  • You will have realised in order to succeed you have to lift your blindfold, and step away from your confined, stuck place.
  • You will have realised that by repositioning yourself, and embracing change, alignment, goodness and opportunity you have just taken a massive, work affirming and powerful step forward.
  • You will have also realised this is not just another coaching fad, and that we are genuinely committed to YOU, YOUR success and YOUR business.
  • YOU are the reason we do what we do, and you deserve our time, energy and efforts.

So together let’s create YOU a business built for life, a business built for profit, and a sustainable business. Together let’s create a strategy to attract you ideal perfect client. Together let’s create a purpose-built business plan to support your deserved lifestyle. Together let us ensure you feel capable of setting aside the chaos. Together let us rebalance the basics, control the hard work and celebrate the successes. Together we are the ultimate creative team.

Remember you absolutely can make money doing something you love and you absolutely don’t have to sacrifice an ounce of sanity to do it.

Together we are everything, together we are your creative future.

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Make time for change, capacity and culture

Charlotte Brooker by Cooper Photography - Strategy to attract customers, in creative industries
Tasha Newland by Cooper Photography - transformational, comprehensive & flexible support for modern creatives
Coffee and notebook by Unsplash - flexible support for modern creatives in creative industries

Tasha, Creatives Mentor and TCS Director

Hi, I’m Tasha, mentor and strategist for exceptional and ambitious wedding creatives. I love to work with clients to create purpose and clarity in their businesses, I love nothing more than enabling them to serve perfect clients who value their work, ability and outlook. I am a former board level executive assistant, turned wedding photographer who now counts herself among a small group of women working to coach clients with sound business advice.

After working alongside Hampshire based creative entrepreneurs on their strategy and goals in a community I founded, I now lead The Client Strategist with the same empathy and ambition,

I love taking on some of the most confusing and frustrating creative business concepts and challenging clients to interpret and activate them in their businesses. These include collaboration, productivity, strategy, ideal client analysis and mindset work, My USPs are I care, when I work on a business I do so with absolute commitment and investment. Compassionate mentoring comes naturally to me, and I thrive most when motivating and uplifting wedding creatives. After fourteen years in the wedding industry, I know how a few simple (but not easy) steps can transform a business, brand and mission.

Amongst all the strategy, planning and administration when I have a day off you will find me being a supportive mum to two awesome teenagers (one with a passion for Japanese architecture and one an aspiring England rugby “Red Rose”.  Once the work is done, you will find me cooking up a storm in the kitchen, relaxing in front of Netflix, or curled up on the sofa with a business book and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I am currently reading Traction by Gino Wickman. 

Charlotte, Consultant and Director of Lyla Rose Weddings and Events.

Hi there, I’m Charlotte, organisational whizz and wedding venue specialist. I believe keeping ahead of trends in the wedding sector is key to thriving, achieving and being successful. I am very proud to have over ten years’ experience working for clients in the wedding sector and make sure I am always looking ahead, adapting and learning. As a planner and venue specialist I have witnessed all the highs and all the lows. I believe that there is nothing more emotional, passionate and exciting than a wedding and for over a decade I have been privileged to experience them first hand. I will help you to identify your strengths, build your client devotion and thrive, ensuring your diary satisfyingly booked.

My understanding of sales, marketing and business development, allows me to create strategies for you that are proven to work. My experience at award-winning wedding venues, puts me in a unique position to elevate your business and achieve stretch goals.

When I am not helping incredible creative wedding businesses, you can find me planning luxurious elegant weddings and events across the UK and beyond.

When I am not creating lightning and fireworks for incredible businesses, I am creating elegant and luxury weddings for incredible couples. However, when I step away from my world of weddings, I come home to my better half and a strong-minded toddler who loves pink and unicorns, which may or may not say a lot about me… My happy place is definitely by the sea, there is something about the sea breeze to make everything right. When I am at home, if I am not attempting Pilates, there will most likely be a chilled glass of white in hand!

Charlotte/ Latest blog posts

How can we help?

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Here at The Client Strategist, we are offering you the unique opportunity to work with two devoted and inspirational industry leaders. With a dynamic reach, organic business growth and plenty of success stories, allow TCS to provide you with:

Transformational Creative Support

We mentor, coach and guide, and we create tools and resources for creatives like you. We provide you with the means to secure growth, alignment, opportunities, and profits. We can even help you re-build your business, creating a holistic business model that honours your beliefs, values and aspirations. We are all about robust structures, sustainable messaging and exceptional, concentric marketing.

Our beliefs are effective and simple: Business can be about passion, reward and joy. Business should not be about skipping paydays, struggle, stress and disconnect. Being a creative entrepreneur is about unshakable focus, strategic and consistent creation and above all success. So if you need to feel lighter, freer and good enough, we’ve got you, and can’t wait to have a chat.

Client testimonial - Cooper Photography - The Client Strategist - Anna and Stu Cooper

“There was a time before Tasha’s support, and a time after Tasha’s support, that is how significant an effect she has had on our business. Tasha has become our most trusted advisor on everything within our business especially when it comes to marketing.

The current wedding sector landscape, and entrepreneurial space for creatives is forever changing and having Tasha as a mentor and marketeer has kept us informed and inspired resulting in our continuing success. We look forward to out new project with TCS very much, and can’t wait to tell you all about it soon“.

Stu and Anna Cooper, Cooper Photography

Rebecca Frost Photography by Cooper Photography - Hampshire Boudoir Photographer - Client Testimonial

“Finding TCS was without a doubt the turning point for my business. The strategic approach Tasha and Charlotte take is full of kind, genuine advice which has helped me rebrand, pivot and start a new more vibrant and valuable business. The support and guidance Tasha offers is simply incredible and I am so thankful for everything she does for Rebecca Frost Photography. If you are thinking of joining me as a client, trust me, it’s the best thing you will ever do for your business, and for you.”

Rebecca Frost Photography, Bridal boudoir genius, blogger and body positivity advocate.


Strategy to attract customers - Hannah Elizabeth Bridal - Hampshire Bridal Boutique - The Client Strategist - Marketing for bridal creatives

“I have known Tasha from the very early days of Hannah Elizabeth Bridal! From the moment we met I was totally embraced by her warm and passionate energy, not only for the industry but the sheer interest she took in me and my little boutique!

I will forever be thankful for her honest and endless advice and guidance she has given to my business, not only as a mentor but as a true friend. She has provided precious support that I honestly believe has helped my business grow and flourish into the successful Bridal Boutique that it is today.

Tasha provides warm and encouraging support, is completely inspirational and imparts new skills and knowledge with such passion and persuasiveness. She is simply put pure, passionate and commited and I adore her help and guidance.”

Hannah, Hannah Elizabeth Bridal

transformational, comprehensive & flexible support for modern creatives - Lucy Bernier by Rebecca Frost Photography - The Client Strategist

“I started working with Tasha and Charlotte as I was feeling lonely within the wedding industry and was hoping to increase my network of business colleagues.

Wow, I got so much more than I bargained for. in the past 6 months I have learnt invaluable tools to use within my business, met some incredible people I now call friends, collaborated on beautiful styled shoots & been able to connect with industry experts to help navigate my business.

At the heart of it all is Tasha who’s passion for community over competition ensures everyone is welcome with open arms and I’d be lost without her support and mentorship“.

Lucy, Lucy Bernier MUA and Beauty Therapist